It Begins

Some say the beginning is the word. That's true in this case. If I hadn't written the first word then I would never have reached this point.

I could make this a long, drawn out introduction, but that would probably bore you all to tears. So I'll just give you a few quick notes about me and my world.

- I have always wanted to write, ever since elementary school.

- I am an animal lover and the "mostly" proud owner of two cats. (Cats often pay a prominent role in my work).

- I'm a keen, amateur gardener. One day I'll bore you all with tales of my green-thumbery. I would also love to hear from those of you that garden. Maybe you'll have some tips for me!

- Last, but not least, I'm a huge fan of British comedy. Not a very scintillating tidbit, I'll grant you, but who ever said I would reveal my innermost thoughts so soon?

Now you know some of what makes me tick, I hope you pop back every now and then to view my new blog entries. Maybe you'll even be curious enough to purchase one of my novels.

Over time the website will undoubtedly change in appearance and function as I either become more tech-savvy, or make so much money that I can afford a team of web-wizards to create some magic. I'm interested in your opinion of the site, but please be gentle. I may write about violence, but I'm really a pussycat!

Don't forget to check out the contest page. I plan to have at least one contest running at any time. The prizes may suck the big one in the beginning, but hang in there. They'll definitely improve.

So, enjoy my site and my novels, if you care to give this new author a chance. And if you choose to only read my blog, well then I guess I've succeeded in attracting a new reader anyway.

Watch out for the second coming.

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