Why I chose to write Rebirth

As I started to write Rebirth, the first volume of the Novels of The Second Coming, I asked myself if basing a novel or series of novels on vampires seemed a worthwhile endeavor.

There were already many vampire novels on the market, many of them hugely successful. Why did I think that my Novels of The Second Coming would make an impact? What did I, Shaun Eyles, have up my sleeve that would make me stand out from the crowded shelves or online stores?

Asking that question of myself really made me think about what I wanted to achieve from writing. Did I want to write what I felt positive about or did I want to write what I thought would be marketable? After consideration, I decided to write what I felt positive about. In effect, I looked at myself and said Shaun Eyles, you need to be true to yourself!

Is that good advice for writers? Maybe yes, maybe no, but it is something that I truly believe.

So, how did this make me think that I could create a vampire series that I could say was different than other novels already on the market? I decided to do a number of things:

- I would not create vampires that desired only to be good, go to high school and date cheerleaders.

- I would invent new vampire lore

- Where I thought it fit, I decided to alter current vampire lore

- I decided to keep the humor in my novels

- I would make both my villains and heroes unaware of their strengths. I did not want to create vampires that suddenly knew everything

- I also wanted villains other than vampires.

In effect, the Novels of The Second Coming, is not just about vampires versus humans. It is also about the human condition and how people cope with danger, heartache, treachery and uncertainty. It also explores how greed and ego can build or destroy.

I have started the Novels of The Second Coming from very humble beginnings, reaching out to readers and continuing to write, hoping that I can grab the attention of a few of you along the way. If you want would like to follow my journey, please go to my website Shaun Eyles.com at

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