Welcome to The Second Coming

It's happening. My first novel, Rebirth, has hit the Amazon stores. It's taken a lot of effort to get to this point and I am not fooling myself. It will continue to take a lot of effort to turn this into a career.

Writing, reading, and editing over and over again has actually been fun. I've tightened scenes, reworded jokes, and even changed the odd character around. Not many people know this, so don't spread it around, but Madeline did not start out as a vision of eighties hair and large nails. She didn't even chew gum! When I began to write Rebirth her character was more stable and sedate. After I wrote the first few chapters, I quickly realised that it wouldn't work. She had to be a larger than life character. She had to pop!

All the careful planing in the world would not have foretold that little change. That's when you realise that writing is an organic process. Some may say that sounds spot on since a lot of authors are full of shit. (Hopefully I get better reviews from my bookworms). But if you ever give writing a try, and I hope you all do, then you will see what I mean. You understand more about your own characters as the story progresses and you can't help but tweak them a little. It's all part of the fun.

As I reach this small milestone, I've been thinking on where inspiration comes from. My inspiration used to come from people I met through life, the good and the bad. The good inspired me to keep writing with much needed encouragement. The bad inspired me in a different way. I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself how I would write a death scene for those that pissed me off. Of course my characters are not based on real people, but they do come from my mind. And my mind has a very good memory. Now, I find inspiration also comes through other activites such as gardening. Spend enough time watering plants or pulling weeds and you find time to think. That time spent outside, when used successfully, is extremely useful is ironing out pesky details and story arcs.

So, my bookworms (I was going to call my readers 'dog ears', but bookworms had a nicer ring to it), whether you want to stop or support the second coming, I implore you to join me as I create my own little niche in vampire land. You'll find I don't play by the rules. Neither do my vampires.

Remember, vampires don't have to sparkle.

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