How Does Your Garden Grow?

At the moment my vegetable garden is producing more than I can use. I have now come to think of it as the state of my mind.

Every day my mind ticks over with ideas, some good and some darn awful! The good ideas I try to jot down and expand on while they are still fresh and full of life. I call this my fertilising stage. I throw as much energy as possible at the idea and hope something great grows. Usually something with potential scratches to the surface, but that doesn't mean that the planting stage is over. I need to water and add more fertiliser before I can harvest the results.

During this phase bugs and other pests can slip through, turning a potential idea into an awful idea. This hopefully becomes apparent by the time I am watering and fertilising so that I have ample time to yank out the diseased plant before its roots delve too deep.

But, back to my garden. I try to spend at least half an hour each day in the garden, be it pulling weeds, watering plants, laying down mulch, or harvesting vegetables. With the current warm weather we're experiencing, the plants are producing more than I need. Some of the excess goes to neighbors (lucky them!), but most I keep. I just need to start thinking outside the square and learn ways of storing extra vegetables for later use.

That's what I do with ideas. Those that are good are stored until I have time to develop them into a page-turner. Well, that is what I hope to do. One problem I have is the desire to work on every idea simultaneously. I think they all have merit. To keep with the vegetables analogy, they're all in season and, if left for too long, will spoil. When picked at the right time, vegetables stay fresh longer and are far tastier. Ideas are similar. Left for too long and they can grow stale, or be cast aside because you just discovered a new variety of vegetable with a fresh look and taste.

So, this evening as I pick a zucchini and a few sugar snap peas I'll probably be deciding whether to let my latest idea grow. I guess it all depends on whether I already have enough vegetables.

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