On the hard road...

Starting out as a new author is a difficult process. Especially when you self-publish. When you self-publish, you need to promote your own work while promoting yourself as a new author and writing that all important second novel.

Some people probably wonder if self-publishing is really worth it. I think it is. There are so many new authors submitting their novels to agents and publishers every year that it makes sense that not all new authors will be given the necessary attention or time to prove their worth. Add that to the fact that fewer new authors are signed up by publishing houses and that the costs of publishing are putting some small publishing houses out of business, and self-publishing looks all the more promising.

As a new author, one of the hardest things to consider is how to promote yourself. It's hard work. There are book review websites and blogs out there in the world wide web universe, but you need to find the one that fits your genre and is willing to accept self-published novels. You can spend as long finding the right reviewers as it did to write the novel in the first place.

I'm in that process now. Searching for people willing to provide an honest review for my novels. At the same time, I'm finishing the final touches to the second novel in the Novels of The Second Coming series and working on a new novel. Free time is something of a distant memory at the moment.

If you are interested in reviewing my novel, please contact me. If you have a blog or website, please send me the details.

If you are also a new author, contact me with details of your site or work. I'm always interested in meeting new authors.

Well, I'm off to keep writing. Bye for now.

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