Horror/Supernatural with a sense of humor?

Surely horror novels are meant to be serious, scary, and full of blood and violence.

Some are, and I have enjoyed reading many horror novels and watching many horror movies that follow that path. But, when I came to write my own horror novel I found that adding humor came naturally to the process. Of course I want to scare people, but I also want to make people laugh. It sounds a bit cliche, but I laugh a bit every now and then when I write the scenes. I'm not sure if that makes me crazy or not.

When I started to develop the characters and write the dialogue, I realised I wanted them to think as people in real life think. In real life people are funnier than they give themselves credit for. Even in the worst situations, I suspect that cynical or amusing thoughts run through everybody's minds. It's how many of us are wired. Maybe it's a way people cope with intense moments in life, such as running for your life in the dead of night from the undead!

Other projetcs I am working on at the moment lean towards the supernatural side of things more than horror. That's not to say that the Novels of The Second Coming will not always be a major project for me. There will always be something in the works to build upon the world I'm creating there. I love horror too much to push it aside! But, as a writer, I need variety. I'd hate to become so entrenched in one thing that it becomes a chore and not a joy. It would reflect in my work and readers would not enjoy the experience.

As long as I can still think clearly and type, I'll be writing. I hope I keep my own sense of humor in the process.

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