Writing For Yourself

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self - Cyril Connolly

When I read this quote, it makes me consider why I write the stories I do. As a writer, I have never decided upon a genre or a plot based on what I feel will be a commercial success. If I were to do that, I believe that I would not enjoy the process and I would not create the best work possible.

I write what I feel comfortable in writing, and what I enjoy to write. In that way, I do not feel I write within a specific genre. For example, my series of novels called the Novels of The Second Coming are a blend of horror, humor, action and drama. I place them in the horror genre purely because the plot centers on vampires attempting to reclaim the earth as their own. Readers who expect horror where every page drips blood and guts will be disappointed if they read this series. I include enough horror to keep myself happy, but I also want humor and action to drip from the pages. I like to scare people, but I also like to make them laugh and make their hearts race. I also like to tell a good story.

So, does this make me or other writers who create what makes them happy commercially unviable? I don't think so. There are plenty of artists, including authors, out in the world creating works that do not fit within the purely commercial mold. This in no way means that they will not find a large and loyal audience. It merely means that they are not easily boxed into a category. They are different, or unique.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of writers who are at this very moment creating something for themselves and I applaud them. Writing is a tough challenge at the best of times, why try to make it any harder on yourself by constantly trying to fit within a commercial mold? Love what you write and it will show through.

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