When bad people review

Self-publishing is a hard business. You need to continually produce new content and learn to market yourself in a very competitive market.

In addition to this, you need to deal with people who write negative reviews without reading your novel or for some other reason feel the need to post such a review. There are many examples of this on websites such as Amazon and Goodreads, and unfortunately the author has no recourse to have such reviews removed.

Recently, my attention was brought to one such review on Amazon where the reviewer wrote that they had not read the novel, but still disliked it and awarded it one out of five stars. At the time I wondered if this could also happen to me.

So, what can an author do about such reviews? Much of the advice out there tells authors to do nothing, to just cop it on the chin because that is the nature of the business of being self-published. But, why should an author just have to live with such attacks on their work? Why should authors have to accept reviews by people who have not read their novel and who just want to post a negative review for the hell of it?

I believe that it is time that authors have some recourse to defend their work, and that there needs to be a process whereby reviews of this nature are removed from the websites that defend them.

Unfortunately, this has recently happened to me. A reviewer, who clearly had not read one of my novels, posted a negative review on Goodreads citing untrue facts about the novel. I flagged the review to Goodreads and low and behold, the reviewer changed the language of their review to make it seem that they had read the novel. Then, as an added bonus, the reviewer added that the novel contained grammar and spelling errors.

A previous review of the novel, written by a separate reviewer, went into depth about the novel and did not cite any grammar or spelling errors.

I have again flagged this review with Goodreads, asking that reviews by people who have not read the novel be removed. Unfortunately, I do not hold out much hope that the review will be removed, as both Amazon and Goodreads believe that all reviews are valid, regardless of the reviewer's intent.

My hope is that people continue to support authors and ignore reviews that are so blatantly invalid.

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