13 things you can do on Friday the 13th

When you mark the day on your calendar, think about what you'll be doing to make the day exciting.

I don't expect people to tick off all the ideas on this list in one year. Most will probably read it and think I've gone a little bit crazy. But, if one of the below ideas takes your fancy then give it a go. You may be inspired to create your own list.

Eat only black food. That does not mean black cats (unless you mean the candy)

Dress up as a ghost or ghoul and run around your neighborhood making strange noises

Chance fate by walking under ladders, opening umbrellas indoors and crossing the paths of black cats (and I don't mean the candy this time)

Spend all day watching horror movies (prferably the Friday the 13th movies, just to mark the occasion)

Spend all day reading horror novels

Make a list of all the things you own that come in groups of 13 and then wonder if you should by a 14th item

Have a Friday the 13th party and only invite 13 people

Call restaurants and see if the will book a table for 13 people on Friday the 13th

Think of 13 friends you're willing to lose and send them a Friday the 13th chain letter

Watch the remake of Friday the 13th and rate it against the original, bearing in mind that you should always find the original better.

Stay indoors and research supersitions until you develope a phobia of your own

Perform a seance

Make your own list of 13 things to do on Friday the 13th