This cat may not be black, but would you let it cross your path?

As black cats are celebrated for being feared at times like Friday the 13th and Halloween, I thought I'd include a small excerpt from Rebirth that stars a furry little feline. Unfortunately, it is not a black cat, but it should be feared.

The ginger cat exited one of the cookie cutter residences through a door left ajar. Some of the employees had opted to live on the complex, usually those not native to the area. Each residence appeared a replica of this one, with three small bedrooms, one bathroom, a compact kitchen, and a small family living area. A few of the employees shifted with their families. The ginger cat had arrived in a small pet carrier, much to its chagrin.

Inside, nothing stirred. A television illuminated the family room, muted for the commercial breaks. A fish tank pushed against the back wall reflected the television screen light, sending demon faced shadows dancing around the room. A plastic doll in a pink Ferrari faced the screen as if at a drive thru to watch the latest blockbuster. The child who owned the doll had left the room.

Dirty dishes were piled in the kitchen sink, the plug snug in the drain. Left open on the bench, beaded with water, a tub of ice cream lay forgotten. Fingers of mint flavoring trailed through the air, mingling with a moist metallic stench. Blood spatter covered the tiled floor and white walls. Pink tears tracked down the walls, to the floor, and pooled in lazy puddles.

The ginger cat rested on the front step, happily washing its face. Blood colored its muzzle and whiskers pink. Finished with grooming, it tarried a while longer, eyes half lidded with contentment and that half asleep look cats are born to perform. Tonight had been filled with things that excited its blood. A well deserved rest out of the cold had been earned.

Interesting Black Cat Factoids

If you find a single white hair on your black cat, it is considered a good omen.

According to Appalachian folklore if you had a stye on the eyelid, rubbing the tail of a black cat on it would make the stye go away.

The Scottish believe that a strange black cat on a porch brings prosperity to the owner.

The Norse goddess Freyja drove a chariot pulled by a pair of black cats.