A little piece of Rebirth

Madeline finally disentangled the tree branch from her hair and crawled towards the wooden stake. She wasn’t graceful, but she was fast. Unfortunately, by not being able to see in the dark her bearings were slightly off. She searched an area of ground just mere feet away from where the weapon lay. The vampire studied David intently during his approach.

“Doctors think I’m anemic,” he said, hoping that he sounded convincing, and that iron deficient blood would be taboo in vampire cuisine.

By the look on the vampire’s face it wasn’t. Maybe he should have said he suffered from leprosy or malaria.

Arm still burning from where the backpack strap had rubbed against it, David scooted across the ground at a half crawl towards the tree branch. One piece of wood should be as good as another. The vampire laughed when David grabbed the branch and drew a knife from a sheath hidden under his top. David cringed at the sight of the metal blade. Some people just did not play fair!

“Madeline, move to your left a few feet,” he called and Madeline followed his instructions.

“Oh thank you, thank you,” she mumbled as she grabbed the stake and stood to face the vampire.

She didn’t seem too steady on her feet, but they only needed a little luck. Two against one should have put the odds in their favor, but so far it had seemed more of a liability.

David twirled the branch in an act of unwarranted showmanship, and then sputtered as the dry leaves smacked him in the face. Picturing Madeline laughing and shaking her head, he snapped the branch in two and threw the offending piece away. Unfortunately, the length of branch that remained left much to be desired. It measured almost from his elbow to his wrist. Not a big advantage considering their attacker carried a knife and looked too comfortable in its use.

“You’ll have to kill us both,” Madeline called and David wished she would shut up.

The vampire didn’t need any further coaxing. If the monster didn’t move soon, he thought he’d collapse from nervousness. The branch started to shake in his hand. Clasping it firmly in both hands did little to ease his nerves. It just reminded him that the weapon was short.