Little Brennan, a sleepy town nestled deep in the woods. It's picturesque and peaceful. The type of town where neighbors forget to lock their doors and you can walk the streets at night. David thinks that he could live here forever. Then somebody built The Complex.

Who ever thought life could change so quickly?

A laboratory explosion. A scratch from a cat. A chance meeting in the dead of night. Are they innocent coincidences, or is the fate of humankind already decided?

Friendships are formed and tested. David learns that even the innocent must bloody their hands and harden their hearts, for danger lurks around every corner and everything they once trusted and believed in has fallen apart. It’s a battle for survival, but they are not alone.

A young girl caught in the explosion begins to hear a voice. Will she deliver its cruel message?

A powerful man, a player of the The Game, discovers that the key to greatness is within his reach. How far will he go to snatch victory?

A long lost race hungers for their Rebirth……

A horror with a sense of humor. Rebirth will make you laugh and rethink that leisurely after dark stroll.


Eight hours ago, David’s life seemed normal. He had a best friend, a loving family, and a healthy obsession with horror and science fiction. Life was not perfect. There were days when it bit the big one, but it seemed normal.

Sometimes, even eight hours can seem like a lifetime.

An explosion. Fire. It cleanses and destroys. It bathes Little Brennan in fear and robs David of his past and chance for revenge.

Injured and weakened by the explosion, he must rely on Madeline to lead them out of Little Brennan. Will her choice of sanctuary keep them alive, for other dangers besides vampires and Others now inhabit the woods.

Lucy must endure captivity at the hands of desperate mercenaries. She learns more about her destiny, but will others ever see passed the body of a young girl and notice that her mind has evolved?

Evolve is the second Novel of The Second Coming, and continues to make you shiver as well as laugh.